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What My Clients Say:

'Jack is a great motivator, not in a “boot-camp” hectoring way, he just makes you want to work harder and do your best every time. Working with him, I have lost a stone, changed my body shape and I am the healthiest, fittest and strongest that I have ever been'

JMD, Kennington

'I have joined more gyms than I can count and never succeeded in keeping motivated. Jack was recommended to me and I am so pleased that he was. I have been working with Jack for several months and he has worked miracles correcting my poor 'desk' posture. I was so unfit when we started training together and Jack tailored every session to make getting fit enjoyable (something I did not think was possible!). Each session we get closer to my personal goals and I have never felt fitter, stronger or happier to head to the gym in the morning.'

Helen M.

'I really enjoy my training sessions with Jack, he is a very polite and professional personal trainer. He has helped me build confidence and become more self-disciplined when training. Jack is very knowledgable in sports science and takes the time to research any areas of difficulty you may have. This has really helped me improve my form and technique whilst free weight training. Jack's sessions are also never mundane, he regularly introduces new exercises and combines both traditional and unconventional techniques. My fitness levels has really improved, would highly recommend!'

Kadra A.

I highly recommend Jack's personal training sessions. I've started circuit training with him just a month ago and I couldn't be happier with the results. Most importantly, after a hard workout that Jack conducts I feel just great. A noticeable positive effect on the mood and overall wellbeing lasts for days (not hours) which I could never achieve with reasonable bodybuilding- or powerlifting-style weight training in the gym or even swimming. This is especially important as I have to sit down a lot throughout my workweek as a software developer.

As an experienced athlete (10 years into amateur sports mentioned above) I vouch for that Jack knows really well what he's doing with your body.

So run, don't walk to book your workout with Jack and make your body happy.

Leonty D.

"Training with Jack has helped me regain my motivation and love for the gym. He has helped me build my fitness, strength and determination whilst teaching me a range of new exercises and training methods.

 Jack has pushed me beyond what I thought my body was capable of which has allowed me to achieve results I never thought were possible.  

Training with Jack is always fun and a great start to the day. He is a reliable and knowledgeable personal trainer and is always full of enthusiasm (Even at 6am in the morning!)."

Jodie H.
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