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Terms & Conditions

Forge Ahead Personal Training Terms and Conditions:


  • All payments have to be completed prior to commencing a block of sessions.
  • Only bulk payments for block of sessions will be accepted-no pay as you

Cancellation and Rescheduling:

  • The client has to give information about cancellation or rescheduling 24hours prior to the appointment. Failing to do so will result in losing thesession without refund.
  • Late arrivals will result in delivering a shorter training session unless

special arrangements are made.

  • The session can be rescheduled if the cancellation is made due tounforeseen circumstances such as accident or illness.
  • In a event of unexpected absence on behalf of the trainer, the clientwill not be charged for the session and special arrangements will be madeto accommodate the client.

Expiration of the sessions:

  • All session have to be completed within 40 days from the date of commencing the training block.


  • 14 days advance notice has to be given before leaving on holidays.

Health Concerns:

  • All information about previous injuries, chronic conditions, medicationsand surgeries has to be revealed prior to the commencing the block oftraining sessions.


  • The client has to give written consent before participating in exercise programme to show understanding of the risks associated with physicalactivity.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Should the client wish to continue training sessions, aforementioned terms and conditions will be carried over to new block of sessions.

This information will be stored and processed for the purpose of this enquiry and will not be shared, transferred or sold without consent.

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